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GDHI Founded in 2011 - her subsidiary company EZ-Markt Global Dynamic Procurement SCM Group (“EZ Markt”) is a trusted importer and distributor of exceptional quality products and specializes in frozen and chilled beef, lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, coffee and beverages.

All goods are imported from EU with EU certification. There are absolutely no false goods or counterfeit goods. Bringing imported goods that really originate from foreign countries. 

To solidify our business, we have a group of sales and marketing professionals who are empowered with tenacious persistence. Through various exhibitions, promotions, and advertisements' s by itself Platforms and media in ASEAN, Asia, and Europe. We also combine with innovative ingredients, technology support, and brand-building skills to attain mutual success with our clients and suppliers

Our Subsidiary company's - EZ Markt brand, Purchasing from Australia, Germany,  Netherlands and other countries to collect relevant baby milk powder food. In the near future more European and American maternal and child product supplies, all here can be a one-stop wholesale.

Seafood - Frozen King crab from Japan, Atlantic Lobster (live) ,Crab  Geoduck (live), Prawn / Shrimp from Canada, Indonesia, India, Thailand. 

Small size Storage & Isolated Cold Storage


Provides One-Stop cold storage and transportation services in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, 

Global Dynamic Holding Inc.

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