The Following Products are Available

Frozen Chicken Wings/Mid Joint

Storage at: minus 18 degreesCelsius

-During transportation: minus18C

- Feather off

-Washed &Cleaned

-White skin (outer yellow skinoff)

-Moisture content less than3%

-No badsmells

-Black spots less than1%


-No excessive blood or bloodstains

-Broken Bone less than 2%

Frozen Chicken Paws/Feet

Storage at: minus 18 degrees Celsius

-   During transportation: minus 18C

- Feather off

-   Washed & Cleaned

-   White skin (outer yellow skin off)

-   Moisture content less than 3%

-   No bad smells

-   Black spots less than 1%

-   No bruise

-   No excessive blood or blood stains

-   Broken Bone less than 2%

-   Length 7~9cm

-   Weight 30g up per piece.

Frozen Whole Chicken 


- Feather off
- well cleaned and fresh
- no bruises
- no black pads or ammonia burns
- no bad smells
- no excessive blood or blood stains
- moisture content is less than 3%

weight and packaging:
whole chicken each weight 800g to 2500g x 7-10 in a box

Frozen Chicken Fillet

Cage-free, free-roaming Chickens
Fed a Vegetarian Diet
With No Hormones or Antibiotics
Cared for and Handled Humanely
Slaughtered Individually by Hand by Muslims
With Proper Qiblah Direction 
Lengthy Bleed Time
No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

All Products with SIF No. 

All Chicken Product With Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic Of China SIF No. 



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