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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Understanding our customers' specific needs has been essential to our becoming the global leader in LNG technology. Working closely with customers and building in-depth knowledge of their requirements has driven the continuous improvement in the LNG technology, equipment, and services that we offer. GDHI provide a complete range of products and services for the successful design, construction, start-up and operation of your LNG facility.



Energy Trading/Risk Management

Our energy trading capabilities combined with industry-leading financial trading expertise can help oil and gas companies better manage and profit from their assets while protecting against market volatility.

Divestiture/M&A Management

Given our experience of managing hundreds of major projects for integrations and divestitures in the oil and gas space, we are skilled at guiding the migration and transformation of large IT systems—including infrastructure, applications and data. We provide seasoned program management teams to manage these large-scale transitions.

Hydrocarbon Management

Oil and gas companies can tap our broad cross-industry knowledge to develop processes, tools, systems and applications for tracking and managing hydrocarbon and waste emissions to meet environmental regulatory requirements.

Operations Management

Whether it’s adopting a single, scalable platform for manufacturing IT solutions, solving process bottlenecks, or providing actionable insight into operations, we can optimize all aspects of managing your plant. Cognizant services straddle the operations‑to‑enterprise spectrum (L1 to L4). Our solutions include complete lifecycle services, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Quality Management Systems (QMS), in addition to manufacturing intelligence and business integration services. We help solve your process automation challenges with end-to-end control system offerings that include:

  • Maturity assessment

  • Control system architecture

  • DCS/PLC engineering

  • SCADA/HMI development

  • Support and maintenance

  • Product engineering services in process control and automation.



Our expertise in mobile technologies helps oil and gas companies deliver information to their workforce, no matter where they are. Real-time facilities monitoring, operations management, augmented reality and field workforce management are just a few of the areas where Cognizant mobility solutions have been deployed effectively.

Environmental Health and Safety

Manage your production facilities, pipelines, refineries and distribution facilities more intelligently, predicatively and in real-time with new wireless, mobile and big data analytics technologies. We can help you monitor and maintain your infrastructure to ensure operational safety and environmental protection.

Big Data Analytics

Cognizant’s heritage in information-defined services strengthens our skills at deriving business intelligence from large data sets. Oil and gas companies can apply our data analytics capabilities to the management of their digital oil fields, distribution networks, infrastructure assets and plant operations with greater real-time visibility and predictive analytics.

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