Medical Profole 







Our Company professional propose, it is workable, safe, accurate, efficient and Instantaneous Speed for Screening the COVID-19, described our GDHI Self-test Kits when used, it already resolved the Health Code once implemented, and it can be used for the customs clearance with this Track record display full information on their mobile phones. GDHI Self-test Kits advantage which can be tested anywhere, anytime, Just take 2 Minutes for self-inspection easily checked by airlines, the local Customs and or health authorities in various countries at the Airport. This GDHI Self-test Kits will become and as an epidemic "common language - Self-safe Package", not only call "tourism bubble" anymore. 

Under this "Common Medical Language - Self-safe Package", such arrangements are using the same Self-test Kits, especially being favored, compromise, and starting by Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, and undoubtedly to benefit and being able to trade again with the ASEAN partners.

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