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Clear Energy & Medical  Project Investment & Financing



A company or entrepreneur seeking to establish a new venture or expand an existing enterprise can approach GDHI directly or his Authorized Consultants Agency by submitting an investment proposal.

GDHI may proceed by requesting a detailed feasibility study or business plan to determine whether or not to appraise the project. GDHI's project cycle illustrates the stages of a business idea. 

Raw Material for Supply and Others

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We, Global Dynamic Holding Inc. (GDHI) was established in 2011, a subsidiary of Financial Company in German, Berlin, and Frankfurt which was established in 2008. GDHI Assets with Capital was over 30.0 Billion euros since 2008. Our major business is a traditional European Global Purchaser, Buyer, Investor and work under the format and focused on accelerating and optimizing within the: -

1. Clean Energy Supply Chain Management and programming.

2. Eldercare and Healthcare Management and Investment.

3. Project Management and Funding

4. Food SCM (Supply Chain Management) and distribution by our own platform and brand.

We, Global Dynamic Holding Inc. (GDHI) working with our Global Brand Collaborator, strategic partners she is including but not limited to in Europe: 

  1. United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy

  2. Canada,

  3. South-America (Brazil) and

  4. the USA for exporting the Clean Energy System,

  5. Food SCM to our company platform and network who is in the Southeast Asia market, She including but not limited to Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan,  ASEAN (Which Included Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.) and UAE (دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة) Abu Dhabi and Dubai which using our company own brand, which including “Sonnens Energy", "EZ-MArkt", "U-Mall", "Alamarkt" enter to our service platform, Oversea and local sales agents etc., We are specializing in Operation and Management (O&M) of multi-business in the global business market.

  6. We are direct purchaser from supplier globally, owner and investor, not any kind of broker.

  7. Of Course, other ASEAN countries participate and join in the programme will have a better result. it will be Win-Win Situation.

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